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How I Avoid Colon Cancer?

Dear Happy Crapper,
Recently my father passed away of colon cancer. To be honest, I'm freaked out that some day I'll get this horrible disease. Is colon cancer hereditary? What can I do to prevent myself from getting it? 
Your truly,
Dear Freaked.
You have every reason to be upset and worried about colon cancer not only because it's in your family but also because this disease is the number TWO cause of death in the United States--no pun intended! Colon cancer the second largest cause of death in the United States. The number ONE cause of death is heart disease.  
So how can you avoid getting a jacked up colon? This may sound all too simple of an answer to your question, but I do have a simple answer for you. KEEP THAT PUPPY CLEAN and HYDRATED.
What do I mean by that? Simply said, the colon is like a snake. It's five feet long and it is supposed to squeeze all the poop out when you have a bowel movement. That's why they call pooping a bowel MOVEMENT. However, if there's not enough water in the actual walls of your colon, it's not going to squeeze hard enough, and not all the waste will come out.
When the walls of your colon; the tissues don't have enough water content the colon gets congested and clogged it withholds waste and mucous. Then, with a clogged congested colon, the water level in the walls decrease and the pockets of your colon (the diverticula) get jammed up with nasty poisonous waste that eventually leaks into your blood stream and creates an acid environment in your organs, your blood and in your colon.  Cancer cells grow and multiply in an acid environment. Cancer cells die in an alkaline environment.
When the colon itself organ becomes low on water --it's a lot like the much the engine of your car doesn't run properly we it's low on oil. If your colon is gunked up with mucous, acid and plaque, you cant rehydrate yourself by simply drinking water. If the colon cant absorb water you'll simply drink a bunch of water and pee it out immediately.
A colonic does two things. A colonic replaces then missing water in the walls of your colon. Once your water level is where it should be, it will squeeze out all kind of nasty stuff that doesn't belong in there. A toxic colon is a perfect environment for cancel cell to develop.
Getting a colonic is pretty much the same as getting an oil change on your car. Top off the fluids and get out the gunk. Do it every season. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Eat healthy and drink a reasonable amount of water, and your gut will stay  clean and healthy.
All Best,
 The Happy Crapper