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Frequently Asked Questions about Colonics

Does it hurt?

No. Normally this treatment is not painful.

Is it messy?

No. We use what is called a "closed system" which means there is NO exposed waste, so smell and no mess. Some colonics are called "open system" which means they use a completely different system that can be messy and painful We do not recommend using an "open" system if you have never had a colonic before.

Does health insurance cover colonics?

No. Colon Hydrotherapy is NOT a medical treatment, and is not reimbursed by insurance companies. Some types of policies that are called "flexible spending" or "health savings account" will issue what looks like a credit card to use for alternative wellness care. These cards can sometimes be used to pay for your treatment, but not always. It depends on what your insurance policy is willing to allow you to use the card for.

What do physicians say about colonics?

It's a mixed bag. Luckily there are several physicians in Orange County who practice "integrative medicine"--which means they prefer, if possible, to offer you natural ways to heal instead of using medicine. Integrative doctors definitely advocate colonics, coffee enemas, diet, supplements, stem cell therapy, nutritional IV, ozone, acupuncture, and other natural therapies as excellent ways to achieve and maintain good health. An integrative doctor may recommend medication or surgery if the patient's condition requires more than natural therapies. Even though we are well into the 21st Century, there are still many doctors don't know what colonics are, or believe they are not helpful. If you have a serious illness, please consult a physician first before considering colonics.

Do I need to do anything specific to prepare for my colonic?

No preparation is necessary, however we don't recommend drinking a lot of water before your session or eating anything heavy. Do NOT take any laxatives (NO herbal laxatives like senna, cascara sagrada, or drug store products like Dulcolax or Miralax) Laxatives are irritating, inflammatory and counterproductive. They can also cause cramping and discomfort.

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